Updated post in 2018...

Mychal Stittsworth, Stittsworth Meats, worked with Sarah Hokuf and Mychal Moe from Evolve Creative to design the new concession stand at the Sanford Center. Stittsworth was given rights to all the meat sold at every event. You will now be able to get a Stittsworth Original or Wild Rice and Cheddar Brat, Old Fashioned Wiener, Burger or any other meat sold! Evolve Creative also designed their new website: www.stittsworthmeats.com

Stittsworth Meats also has a retail store and you can find their hours at www.stittsworthmeats.com.

The following year, Evolve designed the second concession stand for Stittsworth Meats with full food photos and a classy black color scheme.

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