Video is truly the gateway to a deeper connection with your consumer - showcasing who you are, what you do, and what you are trying to sell. By utilizing creative and meaningful content marketing, you will not only help create brand awareness and improve the consumer experience, but most importantly build trust. This will later translate into more sales.

Let’s be real. We are all visual creatures. Even half of our brain is devoted to vision. In fact, we retain 95% of a message when we watch it in a video, versus 10% when we read it. Even though video is not always the cheapest or easiest to execute, it truly pays off big time!

Admit it, you love watching videos. We all do. Whether it’s watching reviews before purchasing a product, or better yet, tutorials about how to fix or even build something. Bottom line, we are all consumers. So if we find great value in the platform, just imagine the value your target audience could find.

So why does it work so well? Well because it’s exciting, engaging, and even educating. PLUS it helps build trust with your target audience, as well as improves their experience. Probably why 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.

With Youtube’s video platform seeing 30 million users per day, and Facebook seeing 75 million, there's plenty of opportunity to play in the 'sandbox'. PLUS any video content you create will make you 53X more likely to show up in your search engine as Youtube is owned by Google.

It's estimated by 2022, 82 percent of the global internet traffic will come directly from video streaming and downloads. So what are you waiting for? Regardless of what services you provide or products you sell, it's time to make video marketing a priority.

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