Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers and keep them updated about your business. You’ll want to make sure your style or theme matches the type of business you are running. Let’s run through how to pick that style and stick with it in your content!

Picking Your Theme

In this step, you will need to decide how you want your customers to view your business. Your business will most likely already have a personality and tone to it, so just try to mimic that in your content. 

Let’s say that you sell children’s toys. Your theme is going to be more oriented towards friendliness, safety, and even cute or humorous tones. An example might be from LEGO:

CAPTION: Hands, Elbows, Face and Space! Song
Emmet and Lucy assemble a song that will help you remember the very best ways to stay healthy. Sing along with everyone in your household 🎶🎵
Thanks @elizabethbanks @prattprattpratt @pureimaginationstudios for your support #ConnectedTogether @wbpictures

As you can see, LEGO has used a song reference to remind everyone to stay safe during this pandemic. They’ve incorporated their product in the picture as well. 

Another example might be Chevrolet. They ride off tones of reliability, trust, and hard work. Here’s a post from them:

CAPTION: We've always been here to help. That's a promise we'll keep. For more information, check out the link in bio.

They’ve taken a picture of a driver with words of reassurance on it. The caption also reads that they promise to be there for their customers. This is HUGE for people who want a reliable car and business to work with.

Stick to Your Theme

One thing to remember on social media is to stick to your theme and tone. Not only that, but do not illustrate a tone that could harm your business. For example, if LEGO began posting content that was too serious or sad, people would be put off. Even if they were humorous, but made the mistake of being over the top or rude with it, people would be offended. It’s important to stick to your theme and review your post for any errors or reasons why someone might be offended by it.


Branding your social media means a few different things. It means using your brand or logo colors as much as possible, taking photos of similar structure or product design, or even sticking to the same filters. Keeping this cohesive will bring a sense of professionalism to your page. Of course, if you feel that your theme or style of content allows you to stray away from these guidelines, then go for it! 

Every business will be different in their decisions on branding their platforms. Here’s an example of great branding on social media:


Nike follows branding on their social media by shooting similarly structured photos and videos. Almost all of their content features a person on the front wearing their product. They also stick to the athletic theme throughout their content as they are an athletic clothing company. Their theme is hard work, perseverance, and motivation. They create an idea that if you wear Nike, you will persevere through hard times, strive to reach your goals, and be a humble hero when it’s all over.

Customer Service and Communication Styles

Another style you might want to think about is your communication. Besides your content, how do you want to communicate with your customers? This could be in the ways you answer complaints or compliments, or the tone of voice when someone publicly comments on a post. 

One of the most iconic brands in social media communication is Wendy’s. Their approach when answering customer’s questions, comments, and compliments are revolutionary. With that said, we don’t necessarily recommend you follow suit. Here’s an example of their tone on Twitter:


Users on the internet may not always comment useful information, so Wendy’s has taken on the tone of sending witty comments when this happens. 

Another example for the majority of businesses might be from Ford Motor Company:


When dealing with complaints or questions, they usually request that their customers privately message with them. This keeps information about the person and situation between the customer and the company. This is a great way to keep customers happy.


Overall, your social media theme and style all depends on how you want to come across over social media. Pick a style or two and stick to it! You don’t want to confuse your customers with multiple personalities. If you are still wondering what style you should take, or if you just want to chat it up, contact us! We’re always here to help!

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