Evolve Team Outdoor Branding

Wanderlust Adventures

This month we packed up the team and journeyed north to Lake Bemidji State Park for our team photo shoot. Of course we made the most of our time by taking in lakeside picnic dinner and a little exploration outdoors! This group is just full of genuine people with a passion for the creative work they do...Meet the team here!


Pro-West & Associates

We had the pleasure of working on the new Pro-West & Associates, Inc. website. Pro-West, based in Walker, Minnesota, has been providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting and data services to federal, state and local government, and private industry, for over 30 years. Their expertise includes geospatial data management, application development, integration, enterprise GIS, web GIS, Esri platform, GIS strategic planning and GIS training.


Do you use Mailchimp for your email marketing? If so, we have a step by step guide of how to setup a FREEBIE download to an email popup signup within the platform. Regardless, It's so important to grow your business email subscriber list! ​And one way to do so is entice people with a Freebie!

Insider Insights

Ever hear of Google's Campaign URL Builder? This tool allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in your Google Analytics. it's a great tool that helps you measure which of your marketing campaigns are performing well, and which aren't.

Creative Hack

One of the great ways to really understand your customers in a very unbiased and powerful way is that through social listening. Not only can you listen to your customers in a non-intrusive way, but you can also see what they are saying about your competitors. It's truly the key to success when your developing new ideas and insights for future products or services. There are several social listening tools available nowadays. The following are a few paid tools: Brandwatch.com, Mention.com, Brand24.com. We would also recommend Google Alerts, Hootsuite and Unionmetrics.com (Instagram analytics) as they are FREE!

Need A Drone Shot?

Did you know our videographer, Andrew Hanson, is also a FAA Certified Drone Pilot? He was able to get this awesome shot of the Mississippi Music at the Bemidji Waterfront event last week. Just a sweet reminder of how lucky we are to live, work and play in the land of 10,000 lakes.

New Brand Manager In The House!

Did you hear? Letty has now been promoted to Brand Manager! After 9 years of marketing, sales and event planning experience, she's found her passion is truly rooted in the development of brand collateral and planning out internal and external communications & marketing strategies.

"Best part about this new role is I get to dive back into brand ambassador and brand evangelist mode to help brands and companies like YOU!" Chat with Letty today!


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