Client Since 2010


Apple Autos was looking for design help for their company, both internally and externally. They wanted to work closely with a dedicated team and retainer seemed ideal, due to the amount of work they needed each month. Apple Autos also wanted a design team that really understood their marketing goals and design aesthetic, to help streamline the process.


We were happy to help them out! We became their go-to team for design and campaign creation. By working closely with the Apple Autos Marketing team, on a regular basis, the process was sped up and the production increased. Working closely with companies makes all the difference in developing truly engaging design assets.


At Apple Autos the team believes brand consistency and recognition is key. And they would be right! They are a great example of what you can do with your brand identity.


We do a number of mini campaigns every year for Apple Autos. From Charity events to internal marketing campaigns. Each one has its own unique identity, yet follows the brand standards.

Retainer Client

Apple autos works closely with our design team on retainer each month. This allows us, as the design team, to really go in-depth with clients and their marketing goals.


From the Client

“Evolve has been wonderful to work with. They are very creative, responsive and have minimal rework. The campaign creative told a story and provided an emotional connection. This was a key factor in the success of the Give Back to Kids event.”

- Mike Groves, Apple Autos