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BridesBabe is an e-commerce front to a collection of brick and mortar bridal shops. As physical shops they were having a difficult time coordinating with brides and their bridal party. Details abound... Which designer? What style? Which colors? What size? On and on... and getting the entire bridal party together in one location was a challenge...

BridesBabe needed an online catalog that streamlines the dress selection process for brides and bridal party.


We developed a gorgeously modern e-commerce store using BigCommerce and a healthy dose of custom code! BigCommerce was the perfect e-commerce platform for complex products like bridesmaid dresses! These dresses often have upwards of four varying options and often need a quick turn-around.

BigCommerce enabled us to get up and running fast and allowed us to take over control when advanced custom functionality is needed. The custom searchable color swatch dropdown list and realtime production dates were particularly important to the client. Overall we were able to dramatically streamline the dress purchasing process for bridal parties. Adding upsells for t-shirts, jewelry and accessories was a plus too!


The bridal space can have some unique challenges... Working with the client really helped us understand the needs of their brides and the touchpoints that had to be absolutely perfect.

UX & Design

Adshark Marketing provided detailed UI/UX design documents which played a major roll in the direction of site design including the overall color palette and elegant modern feel.

Coding & SEO

We built the store in BigCommerce to allow for the most options in growth and easy administration for the client in the future.