You've got a strong brand, but how strong is your social identity? 

Social media is an incredibly important component of a brand's digital marketing platform. From generating engagement worthy content, to connecting on a deeper level with your customers, social media has become a fast and easy way to build user interest with over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide.

We wanted to give a plug today for our trusted partner, Brandfluential, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their specialty ('secret sauce') is content and relationship marketing. Jesi Konen brings over 18 years of marketing experience to the table to help brands like yours develop a cohesive and successful social media strategy. From social media management, to ad campaign management, Brandfluential is your one stop shop for social media solutions!

social identity

Social Media Management

The process starts with an introduction meeting to get to know your brand, target audience, business model and goals.  After immersing themselves in your brand, a strategy plan is developed and all content is built out. Brandfluential will post daily and engage with your users by responding to all posts, comments, messages. Platforms include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business.

Paid Ad Management

Need a boost? Brandfluential can manage all your paid social ads, which also includes full set up of the ad. Best part is, she will keep tabs on your audience, analyzing any reporting data to further optimize engagement in your social channels. These ongoing campaigns will effectively engage and grow your target audience.

Ad Design & Videography

In collaboration with Brandfluential, Evolve Creative can provide additional creative assets for any social campaigns such as ad design or promotional videos. Click below to see an example of a promotion we did with Stittsworth Meats and Maluna Coolers.

Why does a business need social media? 

  • It's FREE! - Well, to an extent. Signing up, posting, sharing, liking, commenting, etc. will all be free for your business. Technically, this is all you need to do to have a social media presence, but as your business grows, it's important you are leveraging this tool properly. This is when experts like Brandfluential come into play and can help you devise a successful social media strategy.
  • Showcases personality - Social media is truly the perfect extension of your brand’s voice, tone, and personality.
  • Increases brand recognition - Social media is an easy and cost effective way to create brand awareness, especially when using paid ads or boosted posts.
  • Updates your customers - Social media is one of the best platforms (besides email marketing) to notify your customers about what your business has been up to. Showcasing new products, sales, events, or your latest projects.
  • Develops loyal relationships - Customers comment with questions or general feedback, like, share, and even leave reviews for your business. It also allows you to show off your great customer service publicly.
  • Great place for collaborations - Business collaborations are great way to increase your following and overall customer base. Partnering together on a contest and/or giveaway are a few campaign ideas to increase followers, collect email addresses and build up better brand recognition.
  • Increases website traffic - Social media is a great platform for followers to sample your brand. When they want more, they will visit your website. Especially if you sell your products or services online.
  • Follower insights - The insights tool provides great information like average age, dislikes, likes, gender, and general location of any user that happens upon your page. This data is extremely important when creating ad campaigns to ensure you're targeting the correct demographics to get the absolute best ROI.

Why use paid social ads? 

Paid social advertising can be very effective for generating brand awareness, as well as leads and sales. Unlike search advertising where you target by keywords, paid social ads are targeted based on specific audience demographics.  These can include geography, interests, behaviors, and many specific attributes that social media sites collect on their users. 


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