You are asking customers to participate in your brand’s story when they purchase from you or interact in your social media. What makes you stand out in the overload of products and services that are now online? What is YOUR story? WHY did you start your company?

There are many companies that do a great job of supporting a value they have and putting that into their brand story. Look at Bombas for example. They started with just socks and now have apparel. They give one article of clothing to a homeless shelter for every clothing purchased. Wow, now that is a meaningful cause that makes you feel good to buy from them!

Now this doesn't mean you have to donate to someone to have a good brand story! Not at all and that is very hard to afford when just starting out. You barely have money to pay yourself! Right?! So be creative and dig deep. Patagonia encourages adventure and exploration (AND sustainable clothing). Looking at the Bombas Instagram feed you can see what they're passionate about and it's going to relate to others that have similar passions. Hey, I just learned they are concerned about climate and environment. That only took a few photos to see that.

Pick one subject of your story and concentrate on that. You don't want to be all over the place, because then your mission is watered down. After you have decided on what your story will be about, gather photos that relate and post them in your website and social media. If you have a product, print it on the packaging! Then your story is right there to capture the heart of your potential buyer.

If you need help with some creative exploration, we can help you with that! Sit down with Sarah for an hour and let's get those wheels turning.