Branding is a crucial part in business. You want people to make a connection with your brand and the colors, designs, and style you use. Here are a few extra reasons why branding your business is a smart idea.

You’ll Get Recognized

Every business wants return-customers or loyal fans who keep coming back to your products. So, by branding your products to match your logo, colors, and designs, you can make your brand more recognizable. Unique color designs can draw your customers away from other brands and stay loyal to yours.

Helps You Stand Out

In such saturated markets, businesses must stand out amongst the chaos. If you are a clothing brand, you probably understand you are in one of the largest and most saturated markets in the world. However, by branding your clothes to be unique, you can attract and build a niche market. Remember to stay consistent with your branding along the way. If it works, stick with it!

branding your business

It’s Critical For First Impressions

Your branding strategy will be the first thing a potential customer is exposed to. At that moment, they are deciding whether or not they want to spend any more time on you. Let this moment work to your advantage and send your customers a clear message.

This message may be different depending on what industry you are set in. Companies that are geared towards creativity will want to show that in their branding. Use of colors and clever designs will draw people in and increase recognition as well. A steel manufacturing company might want to use more neutral colors and fonts to match its products.

Along with color and design schemes, you may want to think of a tagline or slogan. Something you can put under your business name. Examples might include “We’re here for you” or “Creativity at work.” It should be something that is memorable and catchy. Nike’s “Just Do It” is one of the most well known slogans out there. Using a slogan will help people remember you even after the first time they see your brand.


It Helps Your Team Stay Focused

It’s easy to stray away from a plan when it’s not clear. If your business doesn’t have a clear brand, your team may struggle to stay on the same page together. However, this relates to more than just color and design scheme. Make sure your team knows the direction you want the business to go.


Advertising Will Be More Effective

Try to imagine a commercial or online advertisement that didn’t feature a component of the company's brand. It’s almost impossible. Businesses know they need to create a visual connection with their brand and what they are advertising. Subway’s advertisements are a good example of this:


It matches their brand color scheme, shows their product, and even shows their commonly used keyword “fresh.”


If there’s one thing to remember with branding, it’s to keep it consistent. Point your business in the direction you want and commit to it. You’ll see your customer base start to increase as your brand becomes more solid. Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to brand your business. It’s what we do best!

Trade Show Booth Design

“This week I got to go to my first trade show with Myke down in the cities. We got to display all the new signs and posters for the event and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the great work you do for us. Being my first time down there, I had no idea what to expect and honestly I couldn’t believe how our marketing and brand stood out compared to everyone else’s. It’s crazy that we were with so many large name companies and you could barely tell what company their were representing. It made me realize how well our name and products are branded and known all over. We had so many compliments on the booth and it was awesome to hear and see what people were saying, all thanks to your work and creativity!”
~ Hailee, Stittsworth Meats