Embrace The Power of Rebranding

Want to propel your brand forward? It’s time to embrace the power of rebranding. Brands need to constantly evolve. It’s survival of the fittest, but in a digital world. Branding is not just the story you tell. It’s the experience you provide, the emotion you create, the expectations you set, the relationships you cultivate. And to succeed you have to differentiate yourself from their competitors, and continue to meet the needs of your customers who matter most.

While your brand’s core story will most likely remain the same, the way in which your story is told must adapt to new products, services, values, audiences, market trends and competitors. Businesses who struggle to stay relevant or adapt fast enough, will not be able to retain their market position and ultimately decrease their lifespan. So let's examine how brand identity, brand management and brand equity all work together to make your brand a success.


Branding showcases your company’s values, purpose and personality. it's also how you communicate your product or service, and what you want people to feel when they interact with it.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the visible elements of the brand, including color, design, logo and messaging. To put it simply, it's how an organization, company or business presents itself to it's customers, prospect customers or public.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition is how well a consumer can recognize or know your brand without actually seeing your business name. This can be done through a brand's logo, packaging, tagline, or even music jingle.

Brand management

Brand management refers to the process of creating and maintaining your brand. From managing the tangible assets of your brand such as your color pallet, marketing material and packaging; to the intangible elements like how it's perceived by your target audience.

Brand Equity

Brand equity refers to the additional value a recognizable brand has; determined by consumers perception, recognition, and trust of the brand. A powerful brand can make your business invaluable to investors, shareholders, and potential buyers.


Research. Refresh. Repeat.

So how do you keep your brand cutting edge? Research, refresh, repeat. It's important to remember you brand is a living, breathing asset and should be treated as such. Stay up to date with dying and emerging trends, pay attention to shifting markets, listen to your customers and understand what they want and most importantly, never stop learning, discovering or being open to new ideas. This is where strategic branding comes into play and can drive your future success.

3 Rebranding Approaches

Approaching a rebranding campaign has to be done carefully. There needs to be a tangible value behind the efforts, so that’s where research and strategy are the big hitters (heavy lifters). Rebranding can be as simple as a change in font type, updating colors or graphics, or simplifying the entire look and feel. And then they can be as elaborate as a full overhaul of your logo, website, messaging, and branding materials; there may even be a need to rename your brand. Ultimately, the end goal is to have a new and improved cohesive brand experience for your consumer that creates better brand equity. 

Brand Refresh

When it's time to modernize your existing logo, packaging or brand elements, a refresh will do the trick. Changing the font type, size or orientation while colors and graphics say the same can make a world of difference. This is great for those who have a limited marketing budget and offers a fast turnaround.

Brand Reboot

Rebooting takes the refresh one step further. Not only do you make changes to your font, but also colors and other graphic elements. Ruttger’s Birchmont Lodge, located in Bemidji, MN is a great example. Ruttger's was established in 1915 and offers lakeside dining, bar, hotel, and lodging. After the new owners took over in 2017, they were ready for a brand reboot that would appeal to a younger audience and target the next generation of customers.

Brand Overhaul

Time for a complete transformation? Brand overhaul can provide you a totally different look, but could also mean renaming the brand. Prime example of this comes from our work with One Eleven (previously known as Invibed). We not only renamed, but redesigned and developed a new website. One Eleven is a financial wellness platform that combines education and technology with the empathy of real human coaches to help people develop healthy money habits that maximize happiness and reduce stress.

So let’s bring this concept to life by looking at a rebranding strategy used to help a Minnesota business grow their brand in correlation with the company's growth. Stittsworth Meats – a well-known local meat store in Bemidji, MN – came to us back in 2015 needing a cohesive brand, marketing material, and new responsive website. After immersing ourselves in their company and understanding their audience and business goals we mapped out a rebranding plan - make Stittsworth Meats a household name in the Midwest.

Our team developed a strong, recognizable brand by implementing ideas and concepts into a multitude of design projects including their website, print materials, trade show booth, concession stand inside the Sanford Event Center, along with new labels and packaging for all of their products. But the branding process and our relationship didn’t stop there, in fact, it propelled forward.

Trade Show Booth Design

What was once a small, local meat market had grown to be a very large distributor for Smokehouse and Case Ready meat. Three years ago, Mychal Stittsworth made the decision to build a new meat processing facility that would allow the company to grow and produce large-scale distribution nationwide. With this expansion, came a greater need to scale their company messaging and brand. Stittsworth Meats realized they needed to take their brand to the next level. 

branding your business

Our team consistently works on their product packaging, B-C Marketing & B-B Marketing, as well as an e-commerce site. All of these design elements have created a cohesive and recognizable brand that Stttitsworth Meats can now use to grow its business. Having a strong brand allows Stittsworth Meats to show prospective commercial buyers that they know the importance of brand identity and consistency. The overall brand will be center stage in the selling process, along with the quality of the product. 

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