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15 Years of Evolving Brands

Founded in 2004, Evolve Creative has delivered strategic website and branding solutions to businesses all over the world.

What makes Evolve Creative different? We focus on your business goals first, not the design. Who are you trying to sell to, what are their interests, what's your mission, who are your competitors, what's your plan to be an industry leader? We will give you a strategic marketing plan to make sure what we design has a purpose. The designs and website we develop will target the right audience and you will be able to measure the results of your investment.

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The Creative Team

Sarah Hokuf
Founding Partner / Managing Director

Sarah Hokuf

Sarah leads the team with strategy, creative direction and has 20 years of experience with branding and web design & development. 


Sarah has served clients through the process of designing, developing, deploying, and supporting web based solutions and marketing materials.

During her career Sarah has been in many roles including design, management, sales and web development. She also worked for the largest web development company in Minnesota—working in Manhattan to partner with large ad agencies.

Sarah grew up in Minneapolis but now lives in Bemidji with her husband Erik, owner of AirCorps Aviation, and her two children. They live in a log cabin on a lake—a great way to get away from technology and enjoy nature.

Colette Huston
Business Development Manager

Colette Huston

Colette builds lasting relationships with the businesses we support. Contact her to find out how Evolve can help your company grow.


Colette graduated from Saint Mary’s University of Winona with a BA in Electronic Publishing. After graduation, she returned back to the north country where she’s spent the last 8 years in the hospitality and beverage industries - gaining extensive experience in marketing, sales, and event planning.

Colette enjoys spending free time on Leech Lake with her husband and dog - fishing, lounging and taking saunas. When not on the water, she enjoys working on and driving classic cars.

Alexis Lien
Digital Project Manager

Alexis Lien

With over 7 years of agency experience, Alexis will make sure your project stays on task and brings your vision into reality!


Alexis graduated from Bemidji State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Technology and currently resides in Bemidji with her husband and 2 year old son.

She enjoys living up north, spending time outdoors (no matter how hot or cold it is), visiting family and taking their dog on adventures.

Britt Inkel
Content Manager

Britt Inkel

A design project has a lot of moving parts in it. Britt will not only design for you, but help you gather content and even write your stories.


Britt graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a BFA in Graphic Design and headed for the open spaces of the West, spending time in northern Nevada living and working amongst miners and ranchers, and accumulating a broad experience in the publishing industry.

After working as a freelance designer from the road during a period of travel in Mexico and Canada, she moved to Bemidji in 2018 to focus and further her design career in an area of the country she is happy to once again call home. She brings with her seven years' experience in print and web design.

Britt grew up in International Falls and enjoys reading, traveling, photography, wintertime and being outdoors, tinkering, visiting family and adventuring with her husband. She's also a fellow cat lover like the rest of us!

Senior Designer

Mychal Moe

Mychal is our lead designer for branding, package design, and developing brand systems. She also specializes in website design and UX. 


Mychal originally hails from Minneapolis, MN.  She attended MSUM in Moorhead and recieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. After graduating she moved to Bemidji, in 2014, to start working at Evolve. After working her way up to Senior Designer, Mychal has since called Bemidji home, and continues to thrive at the creative challenges Evolve brings.

In her free time Mychal enjoys her second passion, baking, through her company Wheatless Wonders. When she is not busy in the kitchen baking, she loves to watch action movies, read, and go hiking.

Dan Moe
Lead Software Engineer

Dan Moe

If you have a unique website need, Dan can find the solution.  He develops custom ecommerce web applications and integrations.


We had to pry Dan away from his keyboard to get a biography out of him. "Front end, back end, middle...end? You bet'cha!", says Dan.

Dan is also our resident JavaScript ninja. You want to talk web? Dan has all the jargon! "REST APIs, Progressive Web Apps, Node, JSON, Isomorphic React? NOW you're speaking my language!", Dan continues.

Dan's interests outside of programming include: camping, fishing, archery, rock and roll, and exotic foods.

Aric McGriff
Front End Developer

Aric McGriff

As our resident WordPress developer, Aric stays on the forefront of industry tools and techniques keeping our websites on the cutting edge.


Aric is a 'Jack of Most Trades' when it comes to bringing a website to life ranging from development to creating relationships with our clients.  As a Front End Developer, Aric also has a background in web design, UI/UX and has a love for creating custom interactions to set a client's website apart from the rest. Our core WordPress page builder is Beaver Builder and Aric has mastered the buildout of this editor to make your site more advanced and easy to manage yourself.

Aric likes to spend his time developing custom interface frameworks, donating time to fan projects and playing some Magic the Gathering!

Andrew Hanson
Digital Content Producer

Andrew Hanson

Andrew will produce any type of video needed to advertise your business! His skill with storytelling will capture the attention of the audience.


Andrew graduated from Bemidji State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing in 2019 and immediately began pursuing his videography passion through freelance work. He has experience in video editing, photography, and website content production.

Bemidji has always felt like home to Andrew, so continuing his videography and design career there was an easy decision. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, snowboarding, wakeboarding... basically anything outside!


Since 2004 Evolve Creative has worked with over 150 clients. We make YOUR BRAND STAND OUT.

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