Your brand's (business) name is often the first element of your brand that customers will encounter. It’s vital that the name is distinctive, authentic, memorable, and enduring, so it resonates with your target audience. It should stick in their minds, build and maintain trust with your consumers, and remain relevant as your company evolves. In other words, a strong brand name is vital to establishing a strong brand reputation. And who doesn’t want that?

Your name doesn't need to say what you do. You will use supporting taglines and imagery to tell that story. Here are some examples of famous brands that don't use the category keyword in their name:

  • Target
  • Google
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Canon
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks

You get the point... They came up with a clever word that represents their brand. Example: Starbucks was named after a character in Moby Dick, Starbuck.

Decide on a name that reflects the brand's tone of voice. Be clever, research, who are you trying to sell to? There are many variables, so don't take this lightly. Make sure it's not hard to read, say or spell. Write the name down and then ask some friends what the word says. Did they fumble to pronounce it? Probably not a good name. Did they laugh but weren't supposed to?

Why your brand name is important

Over the years we've been part of the naming processes for new businesses. Where do you start? There are so many options!

After you come up with your brand name, invest time and money into the rest of your brand identity. This is your logo, colors, shapes and other visual elements. See examples of professional looking logos here. Have a solid plan in place to roll out the rest of your brand with a modern, functional website and marketing campaign.

Your final brand should represent who you are and what you provide. Here are Evolve, our consultants are trained in helping with your brand identity and business strategy. Contact us to learn more.

Example of a Renaming brand project

The new name focused more on "Midnight Sun" which is easier for people to remember. Referrals are key to many product sales—so you need a name that rolls off the tongue. Too many words and you forget the order of them.

Midnight Sun Logo Refresh
Midnight Sun Website