Thorogood Ecommerce

Since 1892, Thorogood® has created a legacy of industry-leading footwear. Employee owned in Wisconsin, they’ve made it a priority to deliver safety and comfort to our customers for over 125 years. Their footwear is defined by their honored heritage, quality craftsmanship, and unmatched comfort.

Thorogood® was looking for a more efficient way to edit their website products and have a better search experience for their customers. Our solution was to build a new WordPress site with a user-friendly page builder.

Thorogood Ecommerce Website

To begin the project, we started with a discovery phase. This gives us a complete roadmap of the project with a full scope delivered. We don’t always know what is really needed until we do testing on a client's requirements and dig deeper into the needs of the company. It's very good we went this route! After learning more about the limitations of their current site and hearing the main goals, we took the project in a new direction. We were able to deliver a completely custom setup without the need for 3rd party plugins like Woocommerce.

The backend is just as beautiful as the front of the site! The admins are able to filter, sort, and find their products to easily edit. The page builder allows them to tell a story with each product by adding videos, features, and photos. The custom product menu filter allows one to drill down to the exact specs they're looking for in a work boot. The product page then directs them to the retailer for final purchase.

Happy client, happy customer! We call that a success!


Whether you're just starting out or have a growing online store, you need to work with a team of experts that have years of experience working with a variety of businesses and scenarios. There are so many variables when it comes to each shopping cart: optimizing your store for SEO and UX, payments, shipping methods and sales tax all while cultivating a highly polished, professional user experience. Evolve can help you with each step of the process while educating you on industry best practices to have a better result in reaching your sales goals.

If you have an existing e-commerce site but would like to update the design, improve user experience or integrate with inventory software—we are open to all scenarios. The platforms we prefer are BigCommerce, Shopify, 3d Cart and WooCommerce. We can help you choose the one that fits your business model.

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