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Videos are quickly becoming one of the best marketing tools to use on social media and your website. Whether you need a professional video for your company, a promo for a new product, or a quick video to highlight the services you offer, we can help!

Our Work

At Evolve Creative we strive to provide professional and creative videos for businesses across the country. We use high quality equipment, talented copywriters, and state of the art editing software to make sure your video blows the competition away.

NorthStar Pellet


Minnesota's forests are a symbol of the midwest. The industry behind this state's natural beauty encourages proper management and care. This means there is a constant need for innovative ideas and resource management plans. The Northstar Pellet project is exactly that.

How Did We Do It?

Facts and statistics will always turn heads to the truth, so we began by interviewing leaders of the forest industry. By combining the knowledge of the forest industry with the immense beauty of Minnesota's forests, we were able to plan, film, and edit a production that will change the way people look at the future of Minnesota's forests forever.

Midnight Sun


Midnight Sun provides customers with not only great service, but some of the best products around. Whether you are in the market for a hot tub, pool, or leisure experience, Midnight Sun can guide you to the best solution!

How Did We Do It?

Midnight Sun focuses directly on the needs of their customers. What better way to show this value than by interviewing the owners inside the business? Any interested buyer will be intrigued by the stunning videos and photos of the many products sold at Midnight Sun, as well as the friendly folks who sell them.

Redtail Assembly


AirCorps Aviation is dedicated the the restoration, maintenance, and rebuilding of vintage WWII and legacy aircraft. They pride themselves in being extremely knowledgable in their craft while maintaining lifelong relationships with their customers.

How Did We Do It?

The major focus of this Redtail assembly was to capture the process. The AirCorps Aviation team carefully moves each section of the aircraft into the correct place using knowledge that only comes from years of experience. We also showcased the massive space available to house large aircraft systems.

AirCorps Library


AirCorps Aviation houses an entire website full of drawings, sketches, parts, designs, and even an interactive instruction program. By subscribing to their library, you can access anything you might need for your aircraft.

How Did We Do It?

This production is styled to be a tutorial, and due to AirCorps Aviation's Library being digital, we decided to collect our footage through screen recording. Now, a team member can easily navigate through the digital library while a viewer follows along. By adding common questions along the way, we can ensure viewers become educated well enough to access the library alone.

The Ken Jungeberg Collection


Valuable drawings, designs, and sketches. A plan to burn their remains after an accidental water leak. What we know about WWII aircraft could have been lost forever. Ken Jungeberg had other plans.

How Did We Do It?

Nothing is more set in stone than history itself. By showcasing real videos of the types of planes flown in WWII, we can help people visualize how important it is to preserve these drawings. Lastly, with a combination of cinematic production audio, we told the story of a man who saved a crucial part of history.

ISO Finishing


ISO Finishing depends on their skilled employees and reliable customer service to ensure every order is fulfilled. They provide part finishing services for a variety of different industries such as medical, dental, and device manufacturing.

How Did We Do It?

ISO Finishing is different than the stereotypical finishing company. We wanted to show how modernized ISO Finishing's work environment was while explaining the many different areas they serve in. Footage of finished products also provides an example of the real-world work that ISO Finishing provides.

Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineering of a product is a major process. AirCorps Aviation makes it look easy with their state of the art equipment, years of experience, and highly skilled team members. Whether the customer needs one part or an entire airplane refurbished, AirCorps Aviation can handle it.

How Did We Do It?

With so many different steps and details required in reverse engineering an aircraft part, we decided to showcase the most important areas. These include 3D scanning technology, CAD development, and fabrication. Communicating AirCorps Aviation's high-tech, modern equipment reassures the customer their order is in good hands.

AirCorps Library History


The AirCorps Aviation Library gives its members access to over half a million manuals, drawings, and other information about their aircraft. The library begin as an internal guide for the AirCorps Aviation team, but has soon grown to be an aircraft information hub for anyone who subscribes.

How Did We Do It?

The production's main focus is on the history of the library. We asked our interviewee's to describe the original idea  and purpose for it. We highlighted the main features of the digital library including its ability to print, scan, zoom, and enlarge small details directly on your computer. The ease of use and accessibility of documents also provides users with the best experience possible.

Transforming Photos to Video

We can also take still photos and add animation and music to transform your photos into a professional promo video! Check out the video below that we produced for LePier Shoreline & Outdoors.

Landing Pages

Here's a good example of adding a video to a landing page on your website. Use landing pages to send users to when you need to promote a single product or service. Google Ads want you to use different URL's than your homepage, which showcase the keywords you're promoting in the ad. This is also important for linking to these pages in Facebook ads.


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