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Need a creative spark? Let's ignite your vision and sizzle the competition, without breaking the bank.

Video is truly the gateway to a deeper connection with your consumer - showcasing who you are, what you do, and what you are trying to sell. By utilizing creative and meaningful content marketing, you will not only help create brand awareness and improve the consumer experience, but most importantly build trust. This will later translate into more sales.

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Types of Video We Offer

Motion graphics is animation with text the main focus. We can animate your logo, create explainer videos, custom transitions, that all bring unity to your brand and concepts.

Extended the familiarity of your business or group

A promotional video is a great way to promote your products and services to customers and prospects.

Explainer videos are typical quick marketing videos used to explain your company's product or service. Explainer videos typically live on your landing page, a prominent product page.

A video can be a great way to educate your audience in a clear and concise manner.

Sometimes the best advocate for your product or service is a happy customer. A testimonial allows your current clients and customers to hear directly from a happy customer.

Through the use of graphic design and brand techniques, we can create videos that are instantly recognized as a series. Series encourage return views and extend brand awareness.

Aerial footage easily brings your video to the next level, helps you stand out, and gives your clients and customers a fresh look at your organization.

Interviews are a great way to quickly communicate the ideas and values of your organization. Combined with multiple camera angles and b-roll, these videos can be the bread and butter of your organization's storytelling.

Our camera a lighting setup allows your products to shine.

Each organization has a story to tell. This type of video gives your organization an opportunity to tell your story, communicate your values, and show off your staff.

The Process

After agreement is signed and a deposit has been paid, we will introduce you to our art director. All project communication, reviews and approvals will take place via email, phone call, and/or Zoom.

This discovery involves learning about the content and goals for the video. We will need to understand all features and benefits of your product or service, and all steps in the process to be filmed in order to create a script and storyboard. Onsite visits are also beneficial so we can evaluate filming locations and requirements.

Utilizing the completed Discovery notes, our team will develop a plan to efficiently and effectively utilize the strategy behind the video to create maximum ROI. We then build a creative brief and mood board for your approval.

With pre-production planning and approval completed, filming takes place. A shoot is scheduled, the necessary personnel and equipment are coordinated, and everyone agrees on the call list (shot schedule). We ask you to provide an on-site representative during filming to ensure the product, service or process is captured accurately.

Once filming is completed, rough sequences will be edited together for a first-take video export. These will be reviewed internally by our art director and refined accordingly before officially being presented to you. Editing a script at this stage may require reshooting, additional footage or voiceover recordings.

After all elements have been recorded and filmed, the final edited video will be exported and sent to you to review via Vimeo. Here you can easily provide feedback and edits at specific timestamps. If there are any new ideas that create additional and/or timely video revisions, this will require a cost change order. Once approved, the final video will be delivered to you via Vimeo download and released to you upon final payment.

Remote Video

On-Site Video

See a difference between the 2 videos? The "Remote Video" was filmed by the client (the out-of-state business) and then Evolve Creative edited the final video. The remote business used our equipment recommendations similar to what you can buy here in the DIY Video Kit. Although we aren't using our own equipment to film the video, we can still create a high-quality video for your company. We are always happy to give advice and direction over the phone if an in-person shoot isn't possible.

The "On-Site Video" was filmed, produced, and edited by Evolve Creative.