Need A Promo Video?

Let's ignite your vision and sizzle the competition, without breaking the bank. Our DIY Remote Video Kit has everything you need to film high-quality video from your home, office, or anywhere in the world. 

This convenient and affordable solution allows YOU to film your own videos and let US take care of the post-production! This means we handle all the editing, motion graphics, voice-overs, and music.

Kit Recommendations

Lavalier Lapel Microphone

$29.99 - Amazon

  • This microphone kit provides high-quality sound and can be plugged into any smartphone! For those with newer generation iPhones, there is an adapter included as well. This microphone also comes with extra wires just in case you need a longer reach. 

Phone Tripod

$19.99 - Amazon

  • This 62-inch tripod is a perfect way to stabilize your phone and capture quality footage, ensuring you frame and center your shot. Just lock your phone into place and start recording!

Softbox Lighting

$68.99 - Amazon

  • Lighting plays one of the most important parts of video production, as it’s one of the main attributes to producing good quality footage. With this easy-to-use lighting kit, you can be sure your stage will be set for any shot you need. Also, the added diffusion layer helps to soften the light coming from the 95W bulbs - an important way to make sure your production is lit evenly! 

Extension Cords

$17.49/each - Amazon

  • We recommend having two extra extension cords on hand for your lighting setup. Sometimes outlets are placed farther away than expected, so having some extra cords can be a lifesaver. It’s always best to check ahead of time in order to be prepared. 

Set-up Instructions & Creative Consultation

  • With any remote video project, a Zoom Video consultation is always included to help you get all your equipment set up properly and discuss best practices from capturing the best raw footage, to ensuring the highest sound quality.

Remote Video Example

DIY Video Kit Infographic

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