Packaging is always the first thing a consumer will see when they are encountering products in a brick-and-mortar store, or online shopping experience. Packaging is also the greatest calling card a product can have and an essential component of your brand identity. So it's crucial to make that first impression a good one and showcase why your product is superior to the competition.

We stopped by the Heroes Rise Coffee Company to learn more about their business journey and that pivotal moment they decided to take their products and packaging to the next level. Owner, Matt VanGrinsven, knew he had to hire an experienced and professional design team to help bring his brand's identity to life through impressive product packaging. That's where our business relationship began!

“We were blessed in finding a company in our own town, that was able to meet that demand and essentially be a one stop shop for everything.”

Heroes Rise was established in 2019 and is a family owned business located in Bemidji, Minnesota. They are passionate about those in the First Responder fields and strive daily to not only honor, but give back to them all while they make some darn great coffee!  What's even more exciting is they just announced their plans to open a NEW coffee shop at the end of October.


“The big passion for us, why we do what we do, is recognition for those who serve. Not only do we give back but we like to recognize by creating that great cup of coffee for those who do serve and bring it to them. We ship free coffee all over the country to recognize those that do serve.”

Humans have a “blueprint” for how we perceive and process the world around us. Psychology helps us define this blueprint. So here at Evolve we leverage elements of psychology to help us build intuitive, meaningful and visually appealing design campaigns that produce results.

There are 4 psychology based design tips crucial to the success of a product’s packaging:

  • Color attracts, creates an emotional association, and reinforces brand identity.
  • Shape is a powerful way to create emotional response. Some studies show curves are more appealing than straight lines.
  • Touch and textures create perceptions. Smooth, silky or even embossed can hook your consumer.
  • Typography reflects personality. Fancy script font could be said to showcase elegance, while sans-serif print fonts showcase simplicity.

What's next for Heroes Rise Coffee Company? They have plans to start mass distribution of all their canned coffee flavors in the spring of 2021! “We want to be known in the cold coffee market as one of the biggest players with our canned nitro coffee.”

So whether you have a brand new product you'd like to get to market, or it's time for a re-fresh of your old product packaging, Evolve Creative can help. Click here to learn more and see more of our packaging work! And make sure to check out our friends at Heroes Rise Coffee Company by visiting