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Our clients choose to work with us for the simple fact we just get them — their industry, their audience, and their creative needs. Living in the northwoods, we have that small town vibe but big time talent—specializing in branding, website development, product packaging and videography. Our passion is fueled by the pursuit to handcraft the most daring, innovative and resilient brands. We’ve got the creative spark to ignite your vision!

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Evolve Creative thrives on helping brands—big and small—figure out their unique selling point and then hand-crafting the unique creative assets to promote it!

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Every brand has a story to tell. We dig deep, bring it to life and take it to market.


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Our team of skilled strategists, designers and developers bring years of experience to the table.



We offer the following video types: Promo, Brand/Story Testimonial, Interviews, Corporate, and licensed drone.

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October 4, 2021 - Evolve Creative

.Whether your a non-profit, community organization or even social club, fundraising and donations are not only at the backbone of your existence, but also ability to achieve your long and short term mission and goals. But how do you keep growing? The United Way of Bemidji Area (Minnesota) has found a way to double their income over the last five years, so we sat down with Denae Alamano, Executive Director, to learn about their latest campaign and secret to their organization’s success.

September 9, 2021 - Evolve Creative

This past month our Videographer, Andrew Hanson, traveled to remote Ketchikan, Alaska for a weeklong fishing trip. He had to take 3 connecting flights and 2 ferries to finally reach their destination. He and his family then stayed at Thorne Bay Lodge, a popular place for visiting hunters and fishers and known as Alaska’s Best…

September 2, 2021 - Evolve Creative

You have an idea for an application, product, or website, yet how do you know it will work as intended? How do you know if your user base, or potential user base, will adopt this product or feature? Maybe you have an existing product, website, or application that is ready for a re-boot. What needs to be changed? What could you, or did you, miss in designing and/or developing your product? These are critically important questions that necessitate evidence-based answers. To best answer these questions, you need UX or User Research.