September 9, 2021 - Evolve Creative

This past month our Videographer, Andrew Hanson, traveled to remote Ketchikan, Alaska for a weeklong fishing trip. He had to take 3 connecting flights and 2 ferries to finally reach their destination. He and his family then stayed at Thorne Bay Lodge, a popular place for visiting hunters and fishers and known as Alaska’s Best…

September 2, 2021 - Evolve Creative

You have an idea for an application, product, or website, yet how do you know it will work as intended? How do you know if your user base, or potential user base, will adopt this product or feature? Maybe you have an existing product, website, or application that is ready for a re-boot. What needs to be changed? What could you, or did you, miss in designing and/or developing your product? These are critically important questions that necessitate evidence-based answers. To best answer these questions, you need UX or User Research.

August 3, 2021 - Evolve Creative

Wanderlust Adventures This month we packed up the team and journeyed north to Lake Bemidji State Park for our team photo shoot. Of course we made the most of our time by taking in lakeside picnic dinner and a little exploration outdoors! This group is just full of genuine people with a passion for the creative…

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clean business card design

Your Business Card: What it Needs to Say and Why

Business cards are a means to communicate in the business world. They’re a quick and easy way…

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branding your business

Why Branding Is Important

Branding is a crucial part in business. You want people to make a connection with your brand…

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How to Stay Focused Working From Home

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, many people find themselves working from home. Goodbye office and…

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Why You Need a “Google My Business” Page

Why Should I Care About a Google My Business Page? Every single business wants to achieve the…

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Make your own video

Professional Videos Can Still Be Produced During Self-Quarantines

WATCH OUR VIDEO Ways to Use Video to Market Your Business While Stuck at Home Connect with…

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Working virtually

Turning Your Business into a Virtual Environment

Our business operates virtually, most days, so I wanted to help where I could during this crisis….

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Evolve Merger

Annoucement of Company Merger!

Two Agencies Join Forces to Build Strong Marketing Team Evolve Creative has merged with Marketing Factory Group,…

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LightCMS Migration from End of Life

LightCMS End of Life Notice

What To Do Now? You need to move your website to a new platform-and don’t let your…

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your brand story

The Story Behind Your Brand

You are asking customers to participate in your brand’s story when they purchase from you or interact…

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